FREE gospel flyers are now available on this website’s Shop page. I keep tracks in my purse and car and hand them out to almost everyone I meet, especially if the person tells me he isn’t ready or is unsure about being ready for Jesus.

I like to print out the smaller version on cardstock, tape a candy cane to the backs, and hand them out as gifts during the Christmas season. You can use a lollipop or some other candy as a gift during other seasons. You don’t have to use candy at all. The gospel itself is the sweetest thing a person can ever taste. I also slip the small flyer into a mini Gospel of Luke or John to give to people who do not have BIbles.

I’m placing a stack of full-sized tracks in a flyer box in my front yard.

Yes, I’m that person who slips gospel tracks through drive-thru windows, hands them to cashiers at the checkout, and leaves them at tables for servers. Now you can be that person too!

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