We are a group of cross-denominational Christians from all over the state of Georgia who gather regularly to evangelize in various locations throughout the state. We evangelize on foot, with our Prayer Tent, with our Gospel Shopping Cart, or in any other way the Lord leads. We have a passion to obey Christ’s order to GO into all the world with the Good News, and we especially feel drawn to the part of the world immediately around us.

Many of our local churches support us through prayer and giving, but we are not affiliated with a particular church body. The majority of us are Baptist, though not all of us. Our events are mostly in Central Georgia, but we will travel farther if the Lord leads.


-Jesus is the Son of God, God in Flesh, the Messiah.
-All humans are sinners in need of God’s saving grace.
-We cannot earn our way to Heaven by doing good or being kind, though good deeds and kindness are good things.
-Jesus paved the way to Heaven with His own blood when he willingly died on the cross for our sins.
-Jesus was buried and rose into an immortal body on the third day.
-Jesus is the only way to Heaven. All other ways trap people in sin and mislead to Hell.
-Upon belief in Jesus, a person is reborn of the Holy Spirit, who is also God (the third person of God), and sealed for the resurrection.
-Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ is a one-time event, and if a person is truly reborn of the Holy Spirit, salvation can never be lost.
-In Christ, the believer is a new creation and seeks to repent of sin and live in obedience to the Bible, God’s Holy word.
-The Bible is the Holy word of God. It is perfect and timeless, and it’s the final authority on all human activity.
-We believe in the Holy Trinity–God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit–the three in one.

If you differ from us on any of these points, we ask that you not evangelize with us. Please find a group that fits your convictions.


Cindy Boyd – Prayer Tent

Hearing the call of God to “Go” and evangelize, Cindy bought a prayer tent and sets it up at various locations in Central Georgia. The tent offers FREE PRAYER and gospel information to anyone passing by. You can reach Cindy by email: back88@bellsouth.net

Alicia Tubbs – Gospel Shopping Cart or On-Foot Evangelism

Alicia began to street evangelize after the Lord struck her with the realization that there were streets everywhere around her where the gospel could be shared. She coordinates on-foot group evangelism events at various public locations and campuses. She also uses her Gospel Shopping Cart when evangelizing large areas on foot. Alicia is the creator of THE SUDDEN HOMESTEADER, the original website for her evangelism and homesteading endeavors. She rebranded the site as EVANGELIZE GEORGIA with the hopes of more clearly communicating the need to reach the entire state of Georgia, and beyond, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Alicia and her family still keep a homestead, and she is the author of the book FIND LAND NOW: A QUICK GUIDE FOR HOMESTEADERS. You can reach Alicia by email: thesuddenhomesteader@gmail.com