13 Steps for Evangelizing Now!!!

  1. Go to busy locations where people meet, take breaks, or have leisure time.
    -Parks, beaches, college hangouts, outside of cafeterias or recreational centers, restaurants, store checkouts, parking lots, seating areas outside of stores, offices, and other businesses, malls, outlets stores, etc.
  2. Approach someone who seems to be sitting around, finished eating, or the person to whom the Holy Spirit leads you. Try waving if the person is looking at his phone.
  3. Introduce yourself and ask a “point of entry question.” My favorites are:
    -Are you ready for the return of Jesus?
    -Has anyone ever told you about Jesus?
  4. Go deeper into the conversation with follow-up questions, such as
    -Who is Jesus to you? Is He your Savior? What has he saved you from?
    -Would Jesus let you into heaven? Why or why not?
  5. Present the gospel. I like to have the person tell me as much as they can about the gospel. Then, I fill in the gaps. Some people have never heard the gospel, so I explain that Jesus is the Son of God. He came to earth, died for our sins, and God raised Him from the dead.
  6. Figure out if the person trusts Jesus as Savior. By this point in the conversation, you probably have a sense of whether or not the person believes the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  7. If the person believes, and you have time, encourage him onwards in the Faith. Ask:
    -How are you serving the gospel of Jesus Christ?
    -Is there anything in your life that’s keeping you from serving Jesus?
    -If Jesus spent the day with you, what would He think about your life?
    -Do you have any questions about Jesus or the Bible?
  8. If the person does not believe the gospel of Jesus and seems open to talking more, go deeper into the conversation with questions like:
    -Do you know that all you need to do is repent and believe to be saved?
    -Do you know anyone who loves you so much they would die for you?
    -Did you know Jesus died for us while we were still enemies with him?
  9. If the person seems unreceptive or hardened against going deeper into the conversation, then it’s fine to give him a track and encourage him to read the Bible and research about Jesus on his own. Be prepared to talk about Hell if necessary. You’re not condemning the person to Hell. You are simply teaching the truth about what the Bible says—Hell is real, it’s a place of torment, and unbelievers will be sent there for eternity.
  10. Ask if the person has a Bible of his own and give the person a Bible if needed. If the person has a family Bible, but not one of his own, or if he has an online Bible only, then consider giving him a hard copy of the Gospel of John or whatever Bible you prefer to keep on you. You can buy cheap Bibles at Bibles in Bulk online or at your preferred store.
  11. Give the person a gospel track and encourage him to contact you with any follow-up questions. I make my own gospel postcard tracks with scripture verses on one side and a gospel explanation on the other. Download text: https://suddenhomesteader.com/shop/
    You can buy premade tracks too.
  12. Engage in passive evangelism by handing out tracks or leaving tracks for servers, and such, as you go along your way.
  13. Consider evangelizing online with videos, Facebook postings, and the like.

A Word About the Word

Many unbelievers will challenge the Bible because it’s been translated from its original languages. To this, I say, no credible English translation of the Bible has ever gotten the gospel message wrong, and in general, there aren’t huge variations between most English translations. The New Testament is the most verified ancient text ever—by a landslide.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ in Simple Points

  • Humans are sinful and destined for an eternity in Hell. We can’t make ourselves sinless.
  • God sent His son Jesus to Earth in a human body to live the perfect life we could not live and to die the death we all deserve.
  • Jesus took our sins upon himself when He died on the cross. Jesus was buried. God raised Him from the dead three days later.
  • Jesus ascended into Heaven where He reigns at God’s right hand. He will return to reign on Earth as He reigns in Heaven.
  • When a person believes that Jesus alone is Savior, His soul is reborn—made sinless—and He is sealed by the Holy Spirit for the day of Jesus’ appearing, the day when we receive our resurrection (immortal) bodies.
  • In Christ, we are a new creation—body and soul.