JESUS is not religion. He’s King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Every knee will bow to Him. Surrender now to the one who loved you so much He died to save you for eternity. Believe that His death, burial, and resurrection are the only way you’re reconciled to God. #Gospel


Step 1 – Admit you’ll never be perfect. All of us have thought, spoken, or behaved in ways we wish we hadn’t. We’re all sinners. All sinners are separated from God and destined to an eternity of torment in Hell. You can’t do anything to take away your own sins. You can’t earn your way to Heaven. Kindness and good deeds are good, but they can’t pay for sin. You need God to forgive you and give you everlasting peace with Him.

Step 2 – Trust in knowing that God loved you so much, He sent His Son Jesus down from Heaven to save you from sin. Jesus is perfect. He is God in Flesh, the Messiah. Jesus was tempted in every way and never sinned. Because He is empty of sin, only He can take all sin.

Step 3 – Believe, right this very moment, that Jesus took all sins upon Himself when He willingly died on the cross. Your sins were crucified with Christ. Jesus was buried, and God raised Him to life on the third day, into a body that will never die. Trust in Jesus alone to forgive your sins. All other beliefs trap people in sin, rob their peace, and mislead them to an eternity of torment in The Lake of Fire (Hell).

Step 4 – Receive the Holy Spirit. When you believe in Jesus, the Holy Spirit rebirths your soul and comes to live in your body. The Spirit helps you to live a Holy life and seals you for the day of resurrection. When Jesus appears, you will receive a new and immortal body, just like His.

Step 5 – Rest in knowing that the moment you believe Jesus is your Savior, you become a child of God forever. Because Jesus suffered Hell on the cross in your place, you will not go there. You have peace with God and will live with Him forever in paradise.

Step 6 – Live like the new creation that you are in Jesus. Give up any false beliefs, false religions, and practices the Bible forbids. Repent of all sinful thoughts, speech, and actions. Trust God alone to meet your needs and fulfill you. Read the Bible daily. Pray without ceasing. Fellowship with other believers. Try joining a local church. Tell everyone about Jesus.