Watch These Evangelists

Living Waters – Ray Comfort – Just Witnessing

Apologia Studios – Jeff Durbin and others

christsforgiveness- Pastor David

Steven Holme – Follower of the Way Worship Jesus

Tim Henderson

Nicholas Bowling


Know Before You Go

How to Share Jesus With Anyone, Anywhere. No Training or Gifting Needed. (Video 1 of 2)

How to Share Jesus With Anyone, Anywhere. No Training or Gifting Needed. (Video 2 of 2)

Free Speech Areas for Evangelism. And How to Navigate Other Locations. Know Your Rights and Go.

Campus and School Evangelism – For Everyone, Not Just Ministers!

Share Jesus in Schools and on Campus. Tips for Students, Teachers, and Laypeople. ANYONE Can Do this! Not Just Ministers.

Effective Evangelism Tips & Ideas

12 Professions of Faith! Evangelism Tips, Great Exchange Survey, Clipboards, Best Question to Ask

Highly Effective Evangelism Tool: GOSPEL CLIPBOARD. Share JESUS today! Anyone Can Do This.

Tips for Effective Evangelism. The Best Bait to Use When Fishing for Men. ANYONE Can Do This!

My Gospel Caddy (or Shopping Bag). Start Evangelizing Today.

How to Evangelize During Christmas and All Year

How to Evangelize This Halloween and Any Time. The Whole Calendar Belongs to Jesus!

Laundromat and Prayer Tent Evangelism. Anyone Can Do This! No Training Needed. Rise Up, Church! Rise Up Church!

Two Professions of Faith! Praise God!!! My Favorite Question to Ask When Evangelizing: Have You Been Reborn?

Encouragement and Truths for Equipping and Perservering

Tell the Truth About Hell. Someone Could Get Saved! Let’s Stop Softening God’s Words.

God Exists in Hell. “Separation” Doesn’t Mean What We Think.

Sharing Jesus With Jewish Friends. He is Messiah. He Will Restore Israel at His Second Coming. He Will Bring Shalom!

Christians, Satan Wants You to Self-Silence. Preach the Gospel Always. Use Words Whenever Possible.

People Are Getting Saved. Miracles & Answered Prayers. Evangelizing With Gospel Goodie Bags and Prayer Tent.

A Pastor Told Me Not to Evangelize at Church. The End Times Apostasy Is Here.

You Must Find Converts Before You Make Disciples. The Great Commission Begins With Seed Sowing.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Believe This Moment and Be Made New. All Sins Forgiven. Eternal Life With God!

Make Peace With God Right Now! Believe in Jesus and Receive Forgiveness of Sins. Receive Eternal Life With God. Jesus Is Free to ANYONE. Just Believe

Unbelief Is the Root of All Our Problems and Sin. Believe in Jesus. Receive Peace With God and Eternal Life Today!