According to the Dead Sea Scroll Calendar, our current Jewish year is 5947, not 5783. Jesus is expected to be on the earth by 6000 (the year 2075 on the Gregorian Calendar), which means, if the DSS calendar is correct, Jesus could return at any time during the next 53 years! The last Jubilee (50-year cycle) begins in the Gregorian year 2025. Expect the world to get even darker as we approach the time when Christians will be raptured and the 7-year Tribulation will begin.

No one knows the exact timing of the rapture, and God forbids us to set dates. He does, however, also promise that the timing of His judgment on the world will not surprise those who are awake. Keep awake!

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The Good News of Jesus Christ

God is perfect and lives forever. He created humans to live with Him forever, but humans sinned. We’re all sinful and our bodies die. There’s nothing we can do to forgive our own sins and make our bodies immortal. We need God to give us a clean soul and a body that will never die. God loves us so much He sent Jesus to Earth to do just that.

Jesus is perfect, yet He took our sins upon himself when He died on the cross. He bore our pain in His body. He suffered Hell on the cross so that whoever believes in Him doesn’t have to suffer Hell for eternity. God raised Jesus to life, into an immortal body three days later.

Receive Jesus– Right Now—and Be Saved for Eternity!

If you would like to receive Jesus as your Savior, right now. All you have to do is believe. Believe that Jesus took all your sins upon Himself when He died on the cross. Turn away from any false beliefs and believe that God loved you so much He sent His Son, Jesus, to Earth to die for your sins on the cross and that God raised Jesus from the dead. That’s all you have to do.

Whoever believes in Jesus’ death and resurrection receives forgiveness of sins and eternal life with God. In Jesus, and in Jesus alone, we have peace with God! In Jesus alone, we are children of God. In Jesus, your soul is made clean, and the Holy Spirit seals you for the day of resurrection, the day on which you will receive a new and immortal body.

You’re a new creation in Christ, inside out—body and soul. As a new creation, you get to live with God for eternity.

I Believe Jesus is Savior. Now What?

Turn away from false religions, man-made traditions, and self-made beliefs. Stop trusting in your own efforts and the systems and products of this world for your security and happiness. Trust God alone.

Turn away from all sin, such as anger, grudges, immoral thoughts and deeds, gossip, hateful thoughts and speech, selfishness, pride, greed, and the empty pleasures of this life.

Talk to God continually in prayer.

Read the Bible daily. Start with the Gospel of John if you’ve never read the Bible before.

Worship God with other believers.

Try joining a local church, and ask about baptism.

Go and tell others about Jesus.

Wait eagerly for Jesus’ appearing, at which time all who are in Christ will receive resurrected bodies.

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